Schools Contest



International Deaf Film Festival of Rome

3rd Edition

June 5-6-7, 2015

(The dates may slightly change)


Invitation to submit works at the 3rd edition of CINEDEAF Festival

  1. Aim

The aim of the Deaf Film festival of Rome is to value and promote the knowledge, the fruition and the circulation of movies made by Italian and Foreign deaf directors which is, so far, not very well known and acknowledged by the public.

Therefore the main goals of the festival are: increase the awareness of Deaf Cinema in our Country, create contacts between the deaf and the hearing communities, open the public minds to themes related to deafness, deaf culture and its expression which is sign language, destroy those barriers that do not let deaf public enjoy the cinematographic product.

Schools Section aims to promote the audio-visual culture in the schools and to spread the use of media education help the inclusion of deaf students.

  1. Organization

The International Deaf Film Festival of Rome is organized by the Public Institute for the Deaf of Rome.

  1. Date and duration

    The Third edition of the Festival will last 3 days, and it will take place in Rome on the 5th, 6th and 7th of June 2015. The ultimate date will be decided by the Organization, therefore slightly changes may occur.

  2. Schools Section

Schools Section aims to honor deaf and hearing students creativity, encouraging integration through team work and promoting the discover and use of the visual means to communicate and express themselves or their situation. Films produced by middle and high school deaf students can be submitted to this section. The film-maker can work with the whole class, in small groups or by himself under the supervision of a teacher who will be responsible of submitting the work to the Festival.

For each section movies made on 35mm and digital format on DVD support will be accepted.

Find out how to submit and the deadlines in the articles 5 and 6.

  1. Submission

Submission is free. Shipping fees are on the participant.

To apply it is necessary to send in a closed envelope (see the deadline in art.6) the following paperwork:

1) Application form and Disclaimer both filled in and signed (One application for each film);

2) Two high definition copies of the work on DVD for the showing:

1 copy on DVD with subtitles: in Italian (for Italian works) and in English (for foreign works)

1 copy on DVD without subtitles (textless)

The submitted material will not be returned and will become part of the video archive of the Festival in the Mediavisuale, documentation center of the Public Institute of the deaf of Rome.

Both application form and disclaimer can be downloaded in Italian on the following website: and, in English on this one:

  1. Deadline

The material must be submitted by January 23rd 2015.

The date on the postal stamp will be taken into consideration.

  1. Shipping

The material and the paperwork (as described in art. 5 of this guideline) must be delivered or shipped before the deadline (see art. 6) to:

Istituto Statale Sordi Roma (Mediavisuale)

Via Nomentana, 56 – 00161 Roma

8. Promotion

In order to promote the event, the Copyright holders of the selected pieces, who will take part to the Festival, authorize the free use of pictures, trailers and/or short extract of the work, for websites, TV News and TV Shows.

  1. Selection

All the submitted films (in compliance with the articles 4, 5, 6) will be watched by the Selection Commission who will select the ones that will take part to the contest. The commission judgment is unquestionable. The Artistic Committee might choose some films, not selected for the contest, to be put into a section of the Festival called “Non Competitive”. The list of the selected films (both for Contest and “Non Competitive” Sections), which will be part of the official program, will be posted on the Festival website and the directors will be contacted. The selected directors will have to send:

– Short synopsis of the movie in English

– Bio-filmography of the director in English

– Some pictures of the film (300 DPI)

– Picture of the working group (300 DPI)

– Film promotional material (posters, postcards, pamphlets…)

Technical note with specifications on the realization of the work

The Artistic Committee sets aside the possibility to show the submitted films in other events related to the Festival.

        10. Jury

The Special Jury for the “Schools” Section of the festival is made of both deaf and hearing experts. They will award a film for each category in contest. The work of the Jury is independent and its decision is unquestionable

        11. Awards

The Jury of the Festival, after watching the films presented during the contest in the “Schools” Section, will decide which is the best work. The prize will be a technological tangible item.

There might be other awards, tangible or intangible, provided by sponsors or other partners of the 3rd Edition of the Festival.

        12. Acceptance of the Guideline and of the general rules

The submission of works to the Festival implies the unconditional acceptance of this guideline. The Organization of the Festival could take decisions on issues not stated in this guideline. The Guideline of the Contest is available on the website of the Public Institute for the deaf of Rome ( and on the official Blog of the Festival at the address:

For any clarification and communication please contact the Organization of the Festival by Phone: 06/94367760 – 06/44240311 – Fax 06/44240639, or by email:





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