Hi everybody ! The purpose of CINEDEAF is to promote the production of the deaf cinema and to make it reachable through a subtitling service and the interpretation services, both LIS and IS. This year the CINEDEAF works with the association KIASSO. Who are they? When KIASSO is born? In 1999 lots of deaf people from all over the world came to visit Rome at the Great Jubilee; on this time KIASSO took the initiative to make available guided tours for the deaf people.

Here it is the program of guided tours: there are five guided tours

Thursday, 28th November 18:00 – Trastevere Friday, 29th Friday 10:00 – Castel Sant’Angelo Saturday, 30th, Saturday 10:00 – Vatican Museums Sunday, 1st Sunday at 10:00 – Ancient Rome Monday, 2nd Monday 10:00 – St. Peter The cost of tickets: 1 guided tour – € 7 3 guided tours – € 18 subscription 5 visits – € 25 If you are interested in attending one of this guided tour, you just have to go to our website and download the form to book your tickets. On the form there is a small section reserved for guided tours KIASSO, put a cross on YES and crisscross according to the preferences of the places that you want to visit.



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