Here comes the CineDeaf 2013, the Deaf Cinema’s Festival, on November 29th-30th and on Dicember the 1st to Teatro Vascello,in Rome.

You can download Uber app, available for Iphone and Android.

How does the App work? After download, set “Start Point Race” on your start point and then the arrival address, the place where you want to arrive. We will pick you up and guide you to the Theatre.

Focus your attention on two elements: first, the PROMOTIONAL CODE which you will be required when you require the service, through the application.

The CODE, however, will be released ONLY to those who have the SUBSCRIPTION for one or more days of the Festival. Subscribers can request the code via email directly to the Cinedeaf. The service is limited to the days of Cinedeaf. Only one race is FREE (or return).

All further races must be paid extra. The car can carry only three people per ride, two on back seats and one on the front seat. Secondly, SERVICE IS AVAILABLE ONLY FOR CREDIT CARD OWNERS (although the service is free, credit card payment is necessary for recording).

You can NOT use this service if you use prepaid card. Invoice will be sent to you via email, for any refunds.

Once again, remember that service is free ONLY for ONE ride! Thanks for your attention, Bye!


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